Home Dumbbell Details

Included in the Home Dumbbell:

  • Bell wheel with 3kg fly weight, fitted in the bell box.
  • John Norris sensor.
  • Maypole Bell rope with Sally made from pure Merino wool Sally. All our ropes are made to order, so please choose your own three colours.
  • Bell pulley.
  • 2 Rope pulleys and ceiling fixing batten.
  • Fixings and fittings.
  • Connecting leads to USB computer terminal (This will be ready fixed and tested before leaving the workshop).
  • Bell box will be with 2 coats of black satin barn paint.
  • Installation and User Guide.
All the component parts of the Maypole Bells home dumbbell kit before assembly.

Home-Dumbbell Unit Price £360.00 (Free UK mainland delivery, please enquire about other shipping destinations and costs).

A few tools will be required to get your bell up and running:

  • Drill / driver / PZ2 screwdriver
  • Level or plumb line
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors

Home Dumbbell will arrive by courier fully wrapped, with corrugated recyclable plastic sheets. All other components will be packed inside. Opening instructions are downloadable from here.

Full installation instructions can be downloaded here.

Finally connect to your favourite software Abel, Beltower, or Virtual Belfry etc. and away you go, with a complete home Bell Ringing Simulator.

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